We are the most experienced whiteboard animation studio in Poland. Every day we help people to understand complex ideas thanks to professional explainer videos. If you are interested in our story, you can find it below. For now, a few numbers.

ExplainVisually in numbers:

13 – Our record of films produced in one month,

15 – The number of language version of our most international film for UniCredit Foundation,

49% – Percentage of customers who have ordered from us more than one film,

118 – The number of movies produced by our studio (as of 20/01/17 and growing every month!).

We have been trusted by:

How it all started?

It was a warm day in May 2014, when Claudia answered the phone. Not yet knew that what he hears on the handset is going to change her professional life.

Claudia conducted Visual Thinking courses for a few years, he was also a Graphic Recorder and Graphic Facilitator.) Michael had a web development and internet marketing company. As it often happens in the relationships – they helped each other in their businesses.  Now they had to try something new.

When Claudia picked up the phone, she heard the voice of Viola.

-Our client, Carlsberg, needs a few animated films. Such as the one which I sent you in the mail. What do you think?
– I’ve never done, but we can do it!

After the call Claudia’s excitement mingled with fear. She told Michael quickly about the case. Michael a few weeks before learned how to shoot and assemble movies as he was asked by his client to create a classic talking head video. Klaudia could draw, so the whole trick now was to combine these two skills and do a whiteboard animation together.

After about a month of that call the first significant productions have seen the light of the day. The client was really fond of them. Fortunately, because Carlsberg ordered 3 movies at once!

And since clients want it, like it and they are big – why not be the first company in Poland to be doing it on a regular basis? – they thought.

Thus was born their first child – ExplainVisually.co. The first company in the country focused on production of the whiteboard animation (sometimes called – video scribe). Since they had already rented the whole equopment, in the middle of the night, after recording films for Carlsberg, they have made their own promo video and shared it on social media.

With the passing months there were more and more orders. Therefore the company has been enriched by more people – copywriters, storyboardists, cartoonists and video editors. Today ExplainVisually still retains it’s almost family atmosphere, which does not interfere with the professional attitude and numerous movies being produced every month.

The year 2016 was also a year of strenghtening cooperation with the Polish marketing industry. We have partnered with conferences such as: Marketing Summit, Mixx Conference & Awards, Forum Marketingu Zintegrowanego and Retail Channels Forum. Our next objectives are the further development of the Polish market and strengthening of our position in the foreign market.

More about us:

By this time – next to the strictly business guidelines – we always respected the two main rules:

Customer’s comfort is very important to us.

We always made utmost to not only show the high level of professionalism but also show to customers our human face. Therefore, we pay special attention to making our customers feel comfortable. We help them to create movies from A to Z. Even if they have only a vague idea about their film, we use our proven procedures for collecting information to deliver to them what they want. And even something better!

We believe in doing good things.

Although we do not have the CSR department, we deeply believe in doing good things. Therefore, at least once a quarter we realize a film for foundations and associations on preferential terms. This allows organizations that do good things to tell the world about their actions with the whiteboard animation.

So far we made movies for Ashoka Foundation, Polish Humanitarian Action, Kanthari, Tesco Foundation, UniCredit Foundation, Integration Foundation,Fundacja Studio Psychologii Zdrowia, Humanity In Action.

Here you can find opinions of our clients:

“Great effects, very successful cooperation, professionalism and keeping the deadlines. The material came out brilliantly!”

Oliwia Zalewska
Project Manager

“Great, creative team! Immediately understood the topic and felt the gist of it, the consultation on the scenario of the film involved actually one meeting, amendments were only cosmetic. And I must add that the subject was not easy.”

Beata Kenig
PR Consultant and program coordinator

“They showed the full availability and creativity in the course of our cooperation. Patience and commitment, as well as understanding the customer’s needs, positions the quality of services at a very high level.”

Katarzyna Bąk
Project Manager

If you would like to see what we can do for you, we wholeheartedly invite you to contact us!