We are one of the most experienced whiteboard animation studios in Europe. Everyday we help people to understand complex ideas thanks to our professional animations.

We have been trusted by: 


Examples of problems we solved with our animations:

  • IKEA: How to clearly explain company’s new strategy to the employees in USA, Poland, and China?
  • Orange: How to encourage employees to use new IT Systems?
  • Carlsberg: How to educate Sales Managers about beer production process?
  • BZ WBK (Santander Bank) How creatively promote new CSR portal which educates children about finance
  • Nestle: How to stand out with new slimming treatment in Saudi Arabia?


Whiteboard animation & explainer videos

Whiteboard animation is an animated cartoon that is created before the eyes of the viewer. This type of movies has a wide application in business – it is used in marketing, sales, HR, PR/CSR and R&D departments.

Whiteboard animation is also known as a “drawing had video.” That’s because the video plays the same role as a person explaining complex problems on a flipchart. This kind of message is much more dynamic than PowerPoint, so the audience is more keen to follow.

The audition watches how the new drawings and props come to the screen and get more engaged to the story. Thanks to the scenario’s construction, voice-over acting, and drawing, the animation draws attention and helps the viewer to understand the idea behind the movie. According to Professor Wiseman – one of the most well-known psychologists in the world – whiteboard animations can increase memorizing by 15%.

Example of one of our videos:


We take care of the end-to-end video production. We help our clients to transform the vague idea into a movie.

In video productions, we use the client’s guidelines regarding style, objective, actors, keywords, and scenario. In the whole process, we also play a consulting role. We help the client to create his dream whiteboard animation based on our experience derived from the production of over 160 videos.

We are proud that 100% (one hundred percent) of our clients would recommend our services to other companies. The average rating of our services is 4,8/5 (results of anonymous survey).

Our services include:

  1. Creating a scenario
  2. Creating a storyboard
  3. Conceptual work
  4. Film realization
  5. Voice-over recording
  6. Music
  7. Video editing and post production
  8. Help in YouTube promotion

Where you can find our services useful:

  • Marketing. You want to increase your brand’s awareness, create solid content or maxize conversion.
  • Sales. You want clients to learn and thoroughly understand your offer.
  • HR. You want your message to be heard by the employees.
  • Employer Branding. You want the talents to recognize and love your company.
  • PR/CSR. You want people to understand what do you do. And share it.
  • R&D. You want to disseminate the results of your research.
  • Journalists. You are preparing bigger material, and you want the audition to understand the most meaningful conclusions.
  • Others. You want to share your idea in an interesting way.

Why it’s worth to do it:

  • Our whiteboard animation draws and holds the viewer’s attention.
  • Animations transmit your message in a very clear and understandable way
  • Explainer videos build positive relations with the clients.


Here you can find opinions of our clients:

“Five movies created by ExplainVisually exceeded our expectations – the receivers were impressed on how we presented serious content in a very unusual way.

Cooperation with Maciej, Klaudia and the team was on a very good level – even though the time was tight, they managed to provide all the materials in best possible quality. We can with pleasure recommend ExplainVisually and their service.”

Peter Thommen

“ExplainVisually delivers high-quality products. Their videos clearly explain complicated business subjects, their animations are very nice to watch, and their style is matched with Corporate Identity.

Cooperation with ExplainVisually proceeds in a friendly atmosphere. The agency always meets the deadlines and delivers the projects professionally.”

Magdalena Tarnas-Kaczmarek
Internal Communications Director
Credit Agricole

“They showed the full availability and creativity in the course of our cooperation. Patience and commitment, as well as understanding the customer’s needs, positions the quality of services at a very high level.”

Katarzyna Bąk
Project Manager