Our Founders:

Michael – The tech guy.

Geek, graduate of IT from Warsaw University of Technology. Privately in love with our company’s Creative Director.

When he heard about Bill Gates, he wanted to start a company so, after school he didn’t focus on programming but instead focused on developing his soft skills and taking his first steps in creative business. While building his small interactive agency, he noticed that video content was going big and, together with Klaudia, started the first whiteboard animation studio in Poland.

In the beginning at ExplainVisually, he edited videos, created websites, and overcame his introverted nature in order to contact clients. Now, he’s focused mainly on operations: execution of the project, agreements, company development, and all the technical aspects of our work. Sometimes, as it’s still his passion, he also writes scripts for projects focused on IT&tech.


Klaudia – Creative Director

Co-Founder and Michael’s fiancée. When ExplainVisually consisted only of Michael and Klaudia, she was a creative 3in1 – she wrote scripts, storyboards, and she drew movies. Her palm starred in most of our movies but during the shooting of movie nr 84/08/2016, she decided to pass her responsibilities to more talented people. Known for her shaggy, curly haircut, laughing out loud, and being an infinite source of enthusiasm – often resulting in the question “Girl… what are you taking?”.



Arkadiusz – copywriter

I receive your Brief and try to turn it into words. A few coffees later, I have the first draft and the ball is back in your court. We go back and forth until we reach the “We got it!” moment. That’s the most pleasant moment – we understand each other and are on the same side. In the meantime, the rest of the team is ready – cartoonists, storyboardists, and many more. Before we let them play, just give a few last comments. The icing on the cake. Great. Now you’ll never forget our movie.


Maciek – copywriters’ supervisor and Marketing&Sales Manager

Psychologist and marketer, responsible for marketing and sales. During his studies at the University of Warsaw, he studied the influence of large amount on information on the level of processing. Then, he managed communications in IS-Wireless, a high-tech telecom company. He gave a lecture entitled “The use of visual thinking in building customer experience” at the Marketing Summit 2016. He also advises startups on marketing-related issues. You can find some of his psychology-related articles on imprific.com and our website.


Zuza – copywriter

I transform the ideas in Briefs into scripts. A ruthless tyops&erors* slayer. In the team since October 2015. Passionate about playing with words and creativity. After hours – a musician.

* Intended 🙂


Storyboardists, prop makers and cartoonists:

Dorota – storyboardist and cartoonist

Since she was a child, she has always believed in a boy’s theory from “Pay it forward”. On a daily basis, she works in CSR. It’s now the second year running she’s taken photographs every day. She says it helps her to clean the space in her head for dreams, not wasting the experience she gains. Her drawing fascination started when she discovered Jeż Jerzy comic books. Now she’s a fan of Yu Nagaba’s style and Iraville’s drawings. In her spare time, she also practices calligraphy.


Kasia – storyboardist

She likes to say that she has an artistic soul and a brain for science; she works as an engineer supervising construction sites. In ExplainVisually.co she exercises her passion for drawing. The thing she loves the most is learning new things. She eats a lot, especially meringue cakes, brownies, and pasta.



Marcin – storyboardzist and cartoonist

He has worked with Legend Group, Film Produkcja, Yellow Studio, G7, Leo Barnett, and AD Pistols to name but a few.

He had a hand in movies such as Jeż Jerzy, Wołyń, Habit i zbroja.



Marta – storyboardzist





Marta Staron Mlot ExplainVisuallyMarta – Prop maker and also Claudia’s assistant/grey ninja and external memory.

She loves jazz and cinnamon. If she had to take only one thing to a deserted island it would undoubtedly be hand cream.




Michał – storyboardzist

He loves everything that is somehow connected to drawing, painting, and art. From Leonardo Da Vinci sketches to Banksy’s street art. Illustrator/graphic designer/cartoonist/stage designer/storyboardist … after work a loving husband and father. A real powerhouse, always ready to take on creative work and drawing. Passionate about Sci-Fi movies and animated movies.



Piotr – cartoonist

Cartoonist and illustrator with a big portfolio. At ExplainVisually, he makes drawings in front of camera and behind it. When he doesn’t draw, he does his best to raise his son. He likes TV series (especially animated), cheese, and generous people. His favorite comic book is Calvin & Hobbes.



Video editors:


Michael – video editor.